Running Until August 2014
The Unthanks
Award winning folk artists The Unthanks are working with community choirs across South East Northumberland

This project aims to provide an opportunity for choir members to work alongside and be supported by award winning folk musicians The Unthanks.

The choirs, from 20,000 Voices and Wansbeck Voices will learn a range of traditional music and folk songs from the northeast region that have been researched by The Unthanks specifically for this project.

Becky Unthank and Niopha Keegan will meet the choirs and introduce them to some of the music and songs that will be developed for performance.

The aim is for as many choir members as possible to have an opportunity to engage with the project during the initial workshops and for a high quality choral performance to be created in the second phase of activity.

Following the introductory sessions it is planned to bring together one combined group of between 50- 100 singers to create a choir for the performance.The workshops will lead towards a performance at the Miners Picnic at Woodhorn 14th June

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June 2014
The Unthanks lead the bait big sing!
Award winning folk group The Unthanks have been working with choirs from across South East Northumberland and will perform together at the 150th Miners' Picnic.
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