Running Until November 2014
Mnozil Brass with Ellington band and Bedlington Brass
Young People and Community band players from Bedlington Brass and Ellington Brass band travel to Peterborough to take part in a workshop with 3 Musicians from the world class Austrian band, Mnozil.

We’re working with brass bands from across South East Northumberland to support their development. 

To start the project, members from both Bedlington Brass and Ellington Brass were asked for a ‘wishlist’ of established musicians they’d like to work with. At the top of the list were, Mnozil Brass.

Earlier this month, 37 young people and community band members travelled to Peterborough to take part in a bespoke workshop with members of Mnozil Brass.

The group also had the chance to watch Mnozil Brass in action on stage at The Cresset venue.

Here's what some of the group said about taking part:

‘This day has inspired me to keep playing because it shows me what I can become!’

‘The workshop has taught me to warm up properly and how to improvise’

‘I feel awesome, inspired and happy after today, as I have learnt to enjoy and explore when I playing my instrument’ 

Find out more about the experience from John Connolly, Brass Tutor, Music Partnership North 

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