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For the past nine years, Museums Northumberland bait has been working with people and communities in South East Northumberland on a series of arts and creative projects. We work in partnership to support more people to create and take part in inspiring and high-quality arts experiences. Close Knit is one of the final projects in this programme, which is funded by Arts Council England and Northumberland County Council. For the past two years, the creative team have worked with groups from across South East Northumberland to capture and create Close Knit. It is an animated film documentary that is a nostalgic and heart-warming trip down memory lane, as well as talking about hopes for the future and reflections on life in South East Northumberland today. It is a mash up of people’s experiences and reflects the diverse community of people that call South East Northumberland home in 2022. If you would like to read more about how the project came about, the inspiration for the film and the people who have been working collaboratively on the project to make it you can download the programme from the launch event.

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Credits and Thanks

Close Knit has been created by people living in South East Northumberland working with Sheryl Jenkins, Alison Carlier, Amanda Loomes and Museums Northumberland bait.

Animation by Sheryl Jenkins

Sound design and interviews by Alison Carlier and Amanda Loomes

Produced by Bridie Jackson

Sound mastered by Mat Clark at Sonica Studios

Subtitles by Beacon Films

Animation by Sheryl Jenkins with members of the community, including Bedlington Creatives, Students from Northumberland College ICT levels 2 and 3 and Bakri Aasi, Nahla Albasha, Hasna Sheiako, Yasmine Alshaar, Lana Alshaar, Belal Aljibouri and Nader Alshaar

Interviewees in order of appearance:
Frank Bertorelli, Ann Pattison, Lana Alshaar, Peter Rand, Doug Mitchley, Eunice Lawson, Yasmine Alshaar, Anne Lytollis, Nahla Albashar, Carlos Valencia, Bakri Aasi, Maddison Clark, Garry Edwards, Hasna Sheaiko, Yaris Aykol, Joy Gradwell, Sheila Harrison, Kerry Carrs, Ellie Hopper, Connor Smith, Peter Downes, Jill Common, Carole Fife, Marion Agar

‘The Keel Row’ – Traditional Tyneside folk song, arranged and performed by Jason Thompson
‘Close Knit’- Composed by Alison Carlier, arranged by Geoff Carlier, performed by Imogen Carlier
‘Humming’ - Performed by Bedlington Community Choir
‘Ullulating’ – Nahla Albashar
‘A New Dawn’- by Carlos Valencia, performed by Carlos Valencia, Alison Carlier and Bridie Jackson
‘Miner’s Lifeguard’ - American trade union song by Charles Davies Tillman, performed by Bedlington Community Choir
‘Traditional Syrian Folk Tune’ - Lyrics improvised and performed by Bakri Aasi
‘Bonny at Morn’ – Traditional Northumbrian folk song, arranged and performed by Jason Thompson
‘Cushie Butterfield’- North Eastern folk song by George Ridley, performed by Jayess Newbiggin Brass Band
‘Cushie Butterfield’ - North Eastern folk song by George Ridley, cornet solo played by Sara James
‘Improvisation on Keyboard’ – Performed by Lana Alshaar

With thanks to:
Aardman Animations, Andy Symanowski, Ashington Leisure Centre, Astrid Adams, Belal Aljibouri, Bedlington Community Centre, Bedlington Community Choir, Blyth Tall Ships Williams Gansey Project, Caffè Bertorelli, Carole Gassney, Chris Ord, Connor Smith, Cramlington Community Hub, Dennis Turner, Diane Lytollis, Emma Illey, Freeman Thondhlana, Fiona Johnstone, Friends of Ashington Community Woods, George Cuthbertson, Gladys Aynsley, Janice Snowball, Jayess Newbiggin Brass Band, Jill Metcalfe, Joynob Arafin, Marion’s Wool Shop, Music Partnership North, Nadar Alshaar, Newbiggin Genealogy Society, Newbiggin Maritime Centre, Northumberland College, Rab Stewart, Sarah Holmes, Susan Rand, Suzy Fagan Parr, The Northumbrian Ranters and Woodhorn Museum

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