08 March 2018
Measuring wellbeing in 10 simple steps

bait actively works with partners to demonstrate how participatory arts activities help to alleviate anxiety, depression and stress. We do this by adopting a metrics and scaling system to understand our program’s impact on wellbeing.

The measurement system is Warwick and Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scoring System (WEMWBS) and we use it to measure the programme’s effect on wellbeing.


  1. WEMWBS is the Warwick and Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale for measuring mental wellbeing.
  2. Gathering WEMWBS data allows us to gather valid and reliable information on the impact of art on wellbeing.
  3. We use this data to highlight to stakeholders and policy makers the impact taking part in arts projects has on the wellbeing of the population of South East Northumberland
  4. The data is confidential and no one can be identified from it.
  5. Each participant is asked to complete a questionnaire at the beginning and end of their arts activity.
  6. The questionnaire consists of 14 statements and individuals are asked to rate their feelings on all of the questions.
  7. The statements ask about individual feelings which include; feelings of happiness, cognitive functioning, relationships and self-realisation.
  8. It takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete each questionnaire.
  9. The second questionnaire is compared to the first questionnaire to identify any changes in wellbeing.
  10. Once the questionnaires have all been fully completed, we analyse the results to identify if there has been any change in wellbeing.

Find out more

To find out more, read WEMWBS in action. You can also find out about more about Northern Recovery Partnership (NRP) and ESCAPE Family Support and what wellbeing benefits they've received from taking part in the arts.

About us

This project was commissioned by Woodhorn Charitable Trust through the bait programme.

bait is part of the Creative People and Places programme, initiated and funded by Arts Council England through the National Lottery.

bait works in partnership to support more people in South East Northumberland to create and take part in inspiring and high quality arts experiences. All projects aim to build a stronger future for the people who live here.


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