March 08 2018
Measuring wellbeing in 10 simple steps
Find out how bait works with partners to demonstrate how arts activities help to alleviate anxiety, depression and stress.
March 08 2018
Case Study - ESCAPE Family Support
Find out how bait has worked with ESCAPE Family Support over the last four years
March 08 2018
Case study - Northumberland Recovery Partnership
Find out how the arts are making a difference to people in recovery from drug and alcohol misuse
April 19 2017
bait time to celebrate magazine - issue 6
Published in April 2017, this issue explores how partners across bait are making a difference through the arts.
October 01 2016
bait - End of phase one review
A comprehensive review of phase one of the Creative People and Places programme, bait. This study was commissioned by bait and delivered in partnership with Jamie Buttrick and Andy Parkinson from Consilium Research Consultancy.
March 01 2016
bait progress March 2016
Project Director Rachel Adam shares our progress to date and looks ahead to the new phase of the bait programme from October 2016
March 01 2015
How is bait researching attitudes to the arts in SE Northumberland?
Find out what happened when bait asked over 400 people across SE Northumberland what they think and feel about the arts and how they are taking part.
March 01 2015
How does bait evidence the impact of arts on well-being?
Find out how bait measures the impact of the programme on peoples sense of well-being using the Warwick and Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scales (WEMWBS).
January 01 2015
What is the framework used by bait to measure progress against its mission?
Find out about our Theory Of Change model developed with our Critical Friend, Mark Robinson (Thinking Practice).
October 01 2014
How does bait monitor quality in the context of the programme?
Take a look at the draft guidelines used to help identify quality in projects.